Stonewell Cider 10 Year Anniversery

Label Design

Stonewell's 10 year anniversary label for a special champaign bottle and normal size cider bottle.

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Stonewell Cider 10 Year Anniversary

Stonewell Cider are a well known and trusted brand who in the past decade have taken their brand from craft-brew all the way to supermarket recognition.

When they turned the ripe old age of 10 wonderful years of success they knew they wanted to celebrate the occasion properly with their loyal customer base. Initially their plan was to craft a one off special Stonewell Champaign and had approached me to design a boutique label to express the occasion. Unfortunately with covid restriction's their Champaign product wouldn't be able to make it to market, luckily they have a lot of experience in the field and pivoted their product to be a one off cider batch instead.

With this in mind I found a design that expressed celebration and the class the Stonewell brand has earned in the passed decade of market success. We founded a design  that incorporated a stylish silver lining , With a silver leaf and red apple motife encompassing a silver number 10, all based on a luxurious limited reserve black label.

I have loved the challenge of this project, The pivot in the middle only stands to the kind of people I got the opportunity to work with at Stonewell, nobody could help Covid but that didn't stop the brain-trust there from bringing an amazing product with a bespoke design nature to market for their loyal fans. I look forward to working for another 10 years with Stonewell.

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