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The folks at speed legal approached me to complete their vision upon a modern web design for their online customer base.

Speedlegal is a platform technology that provides help by automating Contractual simplicity through a unique AI, Operating within the Corporate and SME business world.

Accessibility and professionality was important to the Speed legal branding and so our concentration was placed there.


For this brand in particular I wanted to make everything accessible and so I utilized a long vertical scroll with a modern take to allow for ease of access to everything the customer might need, whether that be the sign up button, product descriptions, testimonials and product subscription packages. This was important so that a potential client could access everything they need by just scrolling through in a smooth and easy fashion.

The top bar was kept professional and simple for this reason also. Simple and professional

Colour palette

We decided that the backdrop and primary colour of the site should be white, white denotes Cleanliness and elegance which serves to bring clarity and reassurance to the potential customer when they first enter the site.

For the various tabs we use a mixture of a tertiary yellows and greens, Yellow denotes Communication and optimism while the greens encapsulate reassurance and safety.

I also utilized a deep blue for the testimonials and footer denoting integrity and seriousness respectively.

The specific Brand dynamic of these colours where to reassure their clientele which may find themselves in a confusing and indeed new space , and in turn lay their mind to ease that Speedlegal had their best interests in hand and were there to help.


This project was a great example of keeping the design as simple as possible so that the customer can get an easy sense of the brand while being assured of the product that were at their disposal.

Working with speedlegal was a fantastic opportunity for me, their product is very unique and cutting edge and our collaboration was a perfect fit.

I hope to Continue our collaboration into the future as this business is an exciting proposition for both the customer and the design flow.

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