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When Mack and Pouya approached me for help with their bootique website for their Wedding photography business I could tell from their bubbly personalities this was going to be a fun Project.

They wanted a future facing modern website, they also wanted their website to feel like a celebration and one that made navigation simple to the potential future Mr & Mrs Clientele.

For the website we decided a party atmosphere and movement was important while still drawing attention to the slick professional photography that this company could produce.


With such a lively project brief it was clear movement was going to be the order of the day, In the vertical axis we move down finding the page alive with popping text and  rotating messaging at the end of the page we incorporated further brand messaging celebrating Love , we did this my creating messaging in the form of a veritable ballpit.

On the horizontal mid way down the page we have 2 diverging streaming lines of pictures of the amazing work Mack and Pouya do as an example of their professional nature.

A little further down the page I incorporated a unique system for the customer to choose the wedding package that suits them.

Colour pallette

To describe the celebratory and party atmosphere we decided upon a vibrant primary swatch to work from. With a bold pink and yellow header encompassing their fantastic photography we described the playful and joyous nature of this brand.

Scrolling down you will find segmented Oranges Whites and Blues and gentle Teals all serving to further that Positive and celebratory disposition.


In short working on this site was an absolute blast, I was given free reign to just have fun with the design, from the moment you click the website you are met with the exuberance and positivity of the brand, while still drawing attention to the next level skills of this brand. The end result is a fun and easy to navigate customer facing site with all the bells and whistles. 

It was an absolute pleasure working with Mack and Pouya and I look forward to future collaboration in the future should they ever need anything done.

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