Stonewell Cider Passion Fruit

Graphic / Label / Packaging Design

Designing a vibrant and eye catching label, something that stood out amongst other Stonewell Cider

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In 2019 I was approached by our friends at Stonewell Cider, they brought to me an opportunity to encapsulate the branding of a brand new tropical concept of Cider in time for the summer market.

The new line of Cider called Apple and Passion fruit and would be a limited run product, featuring a fusion of fermented Jonagored fresh apple-juice and a hint of natural passion fruit. A light yet refreshing product that could wet the appetites of their summer market.

They needed a label and needed one to be reflective of the limited nature of this summer reserve. They needed something special.

The label

For this line it was agreed that the colours that we were going to pronounce had to be vibrant and eye catching, something that stood out amongst other Stonewell Cider's offerings but payed respect to the heritage of the brand.

It didn't take us long to realize that the tropical nature of the passion fruit was going to allow us to develop that concept a lot deeper.

With that in mind we decided for the label that a tropical motife that incorporated Stonewell's existing Celtic knot heritage would accomplish our task.

Taking my queues from the passion fruit I filled the knot with a base of yellow to both represent the sunshine this product was going to be inhabiting but also the flesh of the passion fruits core, Atop the yellow base I placed Purple and Green palms which served to evoke that tropical spirit but also portray both the zest of the Passionfruit and the dark green of it's leaf. The results where already fantastic but I had something more in store for the folks at Stonewell.

To make this label standout from the crowded offerings of the local supermarket and off license I designed a filigree of Greyed out tropical fauna upon a black background, this made the product very three dimensional to the customers eye, evoking feelings of a tropical forest into their minds eye.

Silver Foil Printing

For this project I was lucky enough to get the go ahead on designing through foil printing, it's a specialty printing process where using heat pressure and metallic paperfoil, you can create shining metallic designs that catch they eye.

This technique uses pigmented foil on a metallic surface applying heat sticking it permanently to the surface below, this process can replicate the look and shine of precious metals and makes the finish pop amazingly.

Though this process is not a new concept it was an amazing treat to design for as the opportunity doesn't always come up and I was delighted they allowed me to run with it. In conclusion this project was fantastic to execute with my friends at Stonewell Cider, for me personally I was able to work in the brave and bold primary colour wheel of the tropics and help this product get to market with all the love it deserved and into the hands of the loyal stone well audience.

I will never tire of my works with stone well as they are always iterating and experimenting within the confines of their very established brand. I look forward to our future endeavors together.

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