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When EGPS approached me they asked for a new website and help concentrating on SEO's, Modernization was key for a legacy brand like EGPS so with that in mind I set to my task.

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Egps is one of Ireland's leading suppliers of diesel generators and water pumps for sale and for hire, They have a wide reach supplying all over Ireland. Established in 1989 and with a Thurles based HQ standing at 90,000ft this well established and trusted company has a proven track record in it's industry.



Deciding the palette for the website, To start I utilized The universally appealing deep blue of their logo backed with the clarity of the white background, this ensured a relaxing yet eye drawing colour palette.


I utilized a sweeping horizontal header bar to ensure visitors an ease of accessibility to the site, The slick vertical scroll beneath was used to make things like Service Products and Previous client info an easy prospect to convey. 


Modernization was key and so I built the website topography to be fully forwards compatible with Mobile interfaces in mind, this means potential clients have every way to access the site while keeping it's integrity across perspective platforms in a positive future proofing way.


I also worked closely with EGPS to ensure their Search Engine Optimization was up to code, I explained that this step will not garner immediate results, however it's utilization over time will increase trust and sales in a continuous line for years to come which gratefully they understood straight away, We used my experience in SEO techniques to make sure the website attracted customers in their locality , raising their score to garner trust exploring keywords to exhibit their time-tested excellence,

This technique helped to set EGPS very much apart from their rivals and bring them into the future of the modern marketplace 


I always relish taking an established business such as EGPS and bringing them into the current day, with their new and updated website and newfound focus on current market trends they have seen huge benefits to their business's bottom line, and equally important have safeguarded their legacy well into the future.

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