Social media & Trade Show stands

Corporate design such as trade show stands , social media and guidelines.

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At the beginning of 2019 I was approached by Brightflag,

BrightFlag began life as an E-billing company with an initial focus in provision in the legal sector, since then they have broadened their prospects to include a multitude of other avenues as their company grows and thrives.

Initially I was signed on to help design their billing and brand guidelines,

Once this was completed I was fortunate to continue my relationship with them, this included a swathe of ranging task's including Trade show stands, Power point presentations, Letter Heads, Linked in and Facebook advertisement campaigns which included info graphics.

This ongoing and fruitful relationship has allowed me to diversify my portfolio greatly improving my own skill set, all the while bringing this exciting company to the forefront of design within their sector.

It's always a pleasure to watch a company grow and diversify in a competitive and sometimes unforgiving environment, BrightFlag continue to grow and succeed and I look forward to any and all our future endeavours together, as we have both exceeded our initial expectations from our time together.

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