Unique ideas to boost your branding message

Brand identity

Your Brands messaging helps separate you from your rival competition, it gives perspective clients an idea of your values as a brand, in turn giving them more reason to do business with you.

Strong brand messaging will help flow future messaging and marketing decisions. Dunnes stores revolves around pricing, hence their slogan ''Always better value'', their website also denotes their everyday low prices, Much of their advertising and marketing circles this theme. 

Your message should be clearly stating your brands ideals and offerings with both accuracy and subtlety in mind, your customer needs to know quickly what differentiates you from your competition in a clear and unique way. With digital marketing a mainstay its now more important then ever that your content stand on it's own, with its definition clearly and carefully decided by you!

Social Media

We now live in an age where the price to market has effectively been made null, with a clever ad campaign and an eye to the greater audience , you can effectively market for cheaper and with a longer reach than ever before Share industry posts your audience will find helpful. Join and become an active member in industry-related groups. Social media gives you the opportunity to share the content that aligns with your company’s brand message and the value of its power can not be overlooked any longer.


Gone are the days where Email 'was' the extent of your online presence, however Email still offers some of the highest ROI's of any marketing medium.

It's apparent age is often confused by the fact that it has become so very ingrained in a modern society, and a great access point for your brand to interact with it's customers. 

When your brand message permeates your customers emails, there is a higher likelihood that it will resonate and your company will see a higher conversion rate

Concise Pitch

Every Business requires a clear and concise pitch, It's the 20 – 40 second version of what your brand is about. This pitch is either aimed at targeting customers or investors, depending on your businesses nature. If you can convey strongly your brands message and identity , this can excite your target.

Tell people why to hire you!, instead of your rivals.

In Conclusion

Your message is critical to your brands online presence. I f your efforts into the online marketing space have been subpar, it's overdue a re-evaluation of your message. This holds true whether your business operates in B2C or B2B.

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